Bodegas Luis Marín Díez - est 1970 -



The story of our company dates back to 1970 when Luis Marín Díez founded in Leioa (Biscay) the winery named after him, dedicated to the bottling and distributing of wines. Nevertheless, this initiative comes from a tradition which extends over several years and which has passed on from parents to children for several generations.  Vine growing and the production of fine wines have been a constant in the family saga by both maternal and paternal line. Being all of them from Fuenmayor, La Rioja, and linked to the viticulture, they have been able to pass on their knowledge and expertise which are reflected in the wines we currently produced.


In 1991 Luis Marín built a second winery in the heart of La Rioja, in La Asomante location from which it takes its name, hallway from Fuenmayor and Logroño. This winery is the highlight of years of effort and sacrifice dedicated to the wine world. Today, is where our wines are aged. Compared to the large wine companies that proliferate in our close environment, we rely on a small but cared and traditional production.


With tradition and quality as cover letters, we want to make everyone partakers of our products, enjoying the aromas and flavours that our family business has placed in them with care and dedication.